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    A journalism and leadership program with a mission of amplifying youth’s voices through the adult media. Youth, aged 8-18, work in teams on issue based stories. Their stories and commentaries are printed in the local news magazine, local daily paper and are broadcast weekly on two local radio stations.

    The 8-18 Media journalists are interviewing local golf sensation Jordan Jurmu.

    The 8-18 Media journalists are interviewing local golf sensation Jordan Jurmu.

    Stories are also regularly cast on two different websites. The Bureau was honored with an Excellence in Broadcasting by the Michigan Association of Broadcasters for their weekly radio spots. Besides local reporting the youth participated in a cultural exchange in Japan, have covered every political convention since 1992 from a youth’s perspective, have gone on numerous trips outside of the area to present at conferences, cover the TC film festival to name a few. We have over 75 trained members.

    With support from its parent organization, the Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum, and its strong media partners:  Marquette Monthly, The Mining Journal, Q107-WMQT, and WNMU Public Radio 90, the bureau’s young journalists deliver to adults the unique and vital perspectives and insight of children on important issues such as health, education and politics.  At the same time, the program allows for natural mentoring opportunities through the interaction of story teams made up of older and younger kids.

    Click here to visit the Marquette Monthly website 

     Click here to visit The Mining Journal website’s youth section 

    Click here to listen to 8-18 Media’s audio stories on Public Radio 90.  



    Thank you to all who have contributed to the program recently:


    8-18 Media Mentor


    Econo Foods

    Frazier Fund

    Max and Phyllis Reynolds Foundation

    Lisa and James Alexander

    Publisher’s Circle



    Marquette Breakfast Rotary

Lake Superior Art Association

    L.G. Kaufman Endowment

    Marquette Rotary West

    Reporters’ Source


    Marquette Community Foundation

    Marquette Noon Kiwanis
Marie Chilman
Erin and Tom Bryan

    James A. LaJoie

    Mindy Chilman


Erin Ellison

Jacob Guter and Mary Doll

    Robert and Meredith Kulisheck

    Joalyn and Peter Belpedio

    Donald and Katherin Elzinga

    Judith Quirk

    Mary and Jeff Burtch

    Mili and Michael White

    Rebecca Ulland and Michael Joy

    Angela Rayhorn

    Susie and Mark Simeoni

    Duane Fowler

    Jessica Croney

    8-18 Friend

    Up to $99

    Leslie Bek

    Teri Rockwood

    Daniel Hardie and Alice McMahon

    Dan and Lisa Jahnke

    Ron and Iris Katers

    Stephane and Gala Malherbe

    Michael Phillips

    Jane Ryan

    Jon and Christine Saari

    Dave Stensaas and Teri Rockwood

    Greg Sutherland and Sue Ritter

    Robert and Meredith Kulisheck

    Carolyn and Bob Myers

    Tom and Judy Wagner

    Thomas Tourville

    Carol and Paul Foucault

    Don and Barbara Mourand

    Rachel and John Harris

    Jeffrey Horn

    Andrew LaCombe

    Laura Divine

    Bob Quinney

    Heather Vedder



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    Recent happenings in the program

    8-18 Media’s newest Mining Journal story written by Annabella Martinson, 17.

    Read the newest 8-18 Media front-page article for The Mining Journal about the new Winter Woods Wonder temporary exhibit at...

    New Audio story, “Lake Superior Clean-up,” by Anja McBride, 17.

    New Audio story, “Lake Superior Clean-up,” by Anja McBride, 17.

    Listen to Anja McBride’s latest audio story about “Diver Don,” who has been diving and cleaning up Lake Superior for...

    New column from Liam Ulland-JOY, 16

    New column from Liam Ulland-JOY, 16

    8-18 Media- New Commentary, “Moving to Texas.”

    8-18 Media- New Commentary, “Moving to Texas.”

        Listen to a new radio commentary written by 10-year-old 8-18 Media youth reporter Mahogany Harris. It is titled,...

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