Looking Up- Join the museum in painting its ceiling

JOIN in LOOKING UP and paint a ceiling tile for the Children’s Museum. All funds raised will benefit the Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum. 

$50 for a 2X2 tile or $100 for a 4X2 tile

Make your purchase online http://www.upchildrensmuseum.org/product-category/tickets/ or at the Museum with a credit card 

We’ll provide the tile, paint, and brushes.  

Tiles and supplies can be picked up in the Museum’s entry, Mon-Sat. 10 – 5

Paint your tile at home, return it, and we’ll hang it on the ceiling.  

Offer valid December 2021 (possibly longer)

Rules apply

Sponsorships available for Playmaker members, please inquire by calling the museum at 906-226-3911 or emailing upcmkids@gmail.com.

Many thanks to our Looking Up sponsors Dr. Stephen Wissler Pines at Fair Dentistry, Closner Construction & Sales, Superior Fitness, Embers, Range Bank, Cleveland Cliffs, Vince and Monajean Rose, Steve and Kristen Whelan “The Whelan Way”, Hantz Group, and Flagstar for providing scholarships so families of need can paint a ceiling tile for FREE! Email upcm@gmail.com if you would like to grab a scholarship.



Thank you for LOOKING UP with us, here are some guidelines for your creativity

1. Use only the paint we offer you  

2. Do not add any foreign objects to your tile other than paint 

3. Images must be acceptable to the Museum audience and must not promote hate,  discrimination, or disturbing topics. The Museum reserves the right to disqualify tiles if the subject matter is not acceptable. 

4. Names of artists are encouraged to be painted on the tiles.

5.  Tiles become Museum property and may be removed if damage or renovations are needed. 

6. All tiles must be submitted by December 2021 (the Museum may extend the deadline determined by interest).  

Questions, please feel free to email nittner24@gmail.com or call 226-3911 and ask for Sheri.