All current memberships will be extended


To our family of members,

The Children’s Museum is eager to open its doors again, SAFELY… 
We are pleased to announce that in July we will go to a pre purchase ticket format so we can better control occupancy and of course as a member your tickets are FREE. 
The new ticket platform can be found on our website later this month and will be very easy to use (thank you Invent @ NMU for assisting us with this technology)
In regards to when YOUR membership will expire…during this pandemic time, your membership is active and will be extended until this pandemic is over! 
When it’s over we’ll start counting the months again, just like this pandemic never happened. 
Until we can open our doors wide again like “normal”, we will not make our member families be penalized by this difficult time!  
If you have any concerns whatsoever do not hesitate to ask. 
We want you to come back! This makes all of our hearts ache!!! Be safe, be healthy!!!